Monday, 18 July 2011

Purple.. Slurple? Why Does Nothing Rhyme With Purple?!

Let me introduce you to my work uniform!

I actually don't mind our purple shirts, some of the other girls I work with don't like it, but I really think it could be alot worse. I love matching & colour co-ordinating my outfits. (Yes I'm sad I know!) You can see I tend to go for purple nails & purple eye shadows for work. The top pallet is from H&M & the single top right hand corner is an MUA eyeshadow, £1 in Boots! My nail varnish is Barbara Daly. (Mum got it for me from Tesco a while back!)

I've basically been living in my work clothes recently. I'm doing a split shift today, 9.30 - 1, then 4 - 9 tonight. I'm quickly doing a blog, stuffing down some spag bol & then rushing back again. But it's all money & if I want to buy all the pretty dresses around at the moment, I guess I need some sort of income!

Oh yeah, who watched the final Apprentice last night? I wasn't that fussed who won, I was just shocked it was Tom.. I want to know how Alan Sugar's mind works! Haha. What did you think of the result?


  1. I love the background of your blog. And i agree with you about the apprentice, wasn't expecting Tom to win! x

  2. I think Lord Sugar spied more about Tom then he let on, I always thought it was surprising he survived so many of the boardrooms especially since he was in it so often. I always backing Suzi though, but I think she'll still go far.

    Gotta love purple, a girl can never have enough of that colour in her life!


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