Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ardingly Show '12

Hey dolls!

Yesterday the sun finally came out again (well, sort of.. a few spots of rain isn't too bad for the UK..) which was awesome, as we went to our local county show. Hard to explain, but it's basically a place filled with animals, stalls, food & drink, crafts & a fair. I go every year with my family. As some of you know, I keep chickens so we take them as a display to the shows.

This is Wilson, isn't he beautiful? : )

These are also both mine. Cute aren't they? It's so hard to take decent photos of chickens, they move so fast! This breed is bred to have no tail, I think they are adorable. My friend pointed out the other day I seem to own all the 'weird' breeds of chicken.. can't deny that one..

After the show, everyone came back to mine & it was nice enough to have a BBQ & a few drinks. Also, a couple of games of badminton got thrown in as well. : )

Hope you all had a lovely weekends, what did you get up too?


  1. Although I was born and raised in the countryside i've never been to a country show! Your chickens look fab!

  2. Thank you !
    haha looks like you had fun, I used to play badminton a lot !

    1. We did. :)

      & I love badminton, it's so much fun xx


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