Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Week In Photos #17

Honey & her slug friend. Ew / Gorgeous curly fries with the girls / Pudding / Lavender by Barry M arrived in the post this morning / Hot chocolate / Pegs for Mum / Lucky / Summer walk / Hello Kitty tissues / Bird's been ill too / Milkaaaa / Cat nails / My gorgeous girls / Miss "pop my doms" / Curry dinner.

This week has actually gone really slowly.
I've been so ill these last couple of days, I feel sorry for anyone that's had to put up with me & my 'man voice'. My mum bought me those Hello Kitty tissues & a hot chocolate each night so I can't really complain though! : )
Had a curry night with the girls on Saturday - must have had the largest amount of food on my plate, ever. So delicious though. : )
Also, managed to find the most gorgeous nail varnish I've seen in a long time after seeing this post by Lily. It's called Lavender Hexograms by Barry M. I ordered it off Ebay on Sunday & there it was, sitting outside my door this morning! Seriosuly can't believe how quickly it came! Have you tried this one? It's such a beautiful glitter. Tempted to get the Hologram Hexograms as well.


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