Monday, 14 January 2013

Life At The Moment #30

Breakfast / Heart shaped pasta is delicious (& stylish!) / Late Christmas presents are the best / Keeping my feet warm with Christmas socks from Leia / GUESS WHAT'S BACK! / Favourite things ever / Burning my candle from Charlotte / More candles.. / Nandos / James on his birthday / Belly buster at Smith & Western / Too cute / Honey & all her toys from Christmas / Fresh face / NOTW
So I'm officially changing the name of the "Week In Photos" posts to "Life At The Moment". I'm terrible with posting on time as you guys know, so no point me doing week in photos when they are about 2 / 3 weeks apart!

Anyway, so how is my life at the moment? Answer.. busy!

It was James' birthday last week (post here of my outfit) & we celebrated in style at Smith & Western. I'm so excited as mine is now only a couple of days away! I love birthdays so much & I've got tons planned. I seem to always arrange things over a couple of days rather than just on my birthday! I've heard the UK is getting snow for the next three weeks though, so really hoping I can still get up & about. The plan is to go to London on the 16th, so hopefully the snow will stay away for a while..

Do you have any exciting plans this month? : )


  1. Hehe, I love your socks! fingers crossed the snow doesn't ruin any of your birthday plans my dear xx

  2. i need to go on a w/e trip this month, not sure where though! happy new year!

  3. Every photo of you and James is just so cute and you look just so cute together! Magic Mike is so good, Alex Pettyfer omgggg! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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