Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Life At The Moment #33

Honey looking very cute / Chinese night / FOTD / NOTW / Sunshine & hair craziness / Pancakes & chocolate / Love this necklace / Messy bun for work / Night out #1 / Night out #2 / Beefeater with the boy / Beanie day / Valentine's nails / Heart playsuit / Rose from James / Presents! / Our hotel room / Before dinner / Polka dot NOTW / Pancakes with Dan / Trying out the new Apocolips / Kumal looking very tiger-ish / Straight hair! / Apparently this is coming back with James from France.. : D

Gosh I think I need to do these posts more often.. either that or I take way too many photos..
So Valentines day was actually the highlight of this post. I went away with James to a gorgeous hotel & spa about a two hour drive from us, towards the coast. It was beautiful, complete with swimming pool, sauna & jacuzzi. I wish I could have taken photos of our dinner, but it was too posh to have phones at the dinner table! We had champagne, chicken salad to start, beef for main & finished off with about seven puddings. No seriously, seven puddings! It was a sharing dish that came out with chocolate profiteroles, fudge cake, caramel souffle & ice cream to name a few. I also got given a rose when we arrived. So so so perfect. : D
Apart from that, work has been keeping me busy. After tomorrow, I'm on shift for 2 weeks, then off to see my best friend at uni for her 22nd birthday. 
How are you all? I'm off to visit my grandparents this afternoon then rushing into town before work to get my fringe cut. Why do fringes grow so fast!?


  1. sounds like an amazing valentines- 7 puddings?! xx

  2. 7 puddings, wow!! Lucky girl you are! :') - personal blogs.

  3. sounds like a lovely valentine's, especially the puds! and love the pictures of your nails (and food) :-) x

  4. SOOOO glad that you're on Instagram babe!! You look gorgeous in the one with your bobble hat on!! Cuteeee! :) xxxxxxxxxxx


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