Sunday, 14 April 2013

Collection - Killer Curves

Morning lovelies. : )
Thought I'd share with you my latest purchase by Collection. I actually bought this product, not because I was curious & wanted a new mascara, but because I couldn't find my favourite one, Skylash. Does anyone know if they've stopped doing this one or it's been renamed? I can't find it anywhere!
Anyway, this is the one I bought instead - Killer Curves in black, retailing at £4.99.
So first off, let me say I love the packaging. The silver & red just drew me in (magpie tendencies coming out here..) but it just looked so gorgeous & with the promise of 'Lasting curve & volume' I couldn't resist.
The brush is actually quite big for the wand.. scared me a little I have to admit.. it covers your entire eye when you apply it.
So, after curling my eye lashes as usual I applied the mascara. Honestly, I wasn't overly impressed. It didn't curl my eyelashes anymore than other mascaras & if anything, made them slightly longer than adding the promised volume.
For those of you who don't know, I work at a box office at a theatre so most of my day is spent at a computer, serving customers. After about two hours of work, I checked my face & lipstick as you do & under my eyes were huge smudges of mascara. It looked like I'd been outside in a blizzard! Annoyed that first of all no one had told me, but secondly, all I'd been doing for two hours was sitting serving customers at my desk.. not outside in gale force winds. Anyway, after wiping away the smudges, I spent the rest of the day paranoid that it would happen again. Luckily it didn't, but I thought it was a bit strange.
The next day, I tried the mascara again, the exact same thing happened. Has anyone else experienced this?! It seems bizarre.. anyway, truth be told, I'm really not impressed with this mascara. Not only does it leave you with massive panda eyes, it doesn't curve or add volume to your lashes.
Have any of you tried it & liked it? I'd be interested in your reviews : )


  1. I experienced this effect with the new clinique waterproof high impact mascara :( x

    1. Ah I haven't tried that one but I'll be staying clear if it does the same as this one.. xx Thanks babe!

  2. Yikes a mascara that smudges like that sounds dreadful! Nothing worse than realising youve been walking round with smudges :( ill definitely be avoiding this.great review xx

    1. Hahaha exactly. Awful product :)

      Thankyou babe :) xx

  3. hmm, maybe try the waterproof one, I've seen good reviews on them c:

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