Thursday, 9 October 2014

Life At The Moment #63

Hello lovelies!
A few weeks ago, my parents went away for a long weekend to Exmoor, so myself, James & Honey were left to look after all our farm yard animals. We have a mixture of chickens, pheasants, peacocks, ducks & a few other random ones! This is Paintbox (he's a relative of our first ornamental pheasant which I named when I was 3!) so the name has carried on through the generations! We also got time to go on some walks, which ended up in us all being very soggy, much to Honey's annoyance.. 
Myself & Cathy went to Newbury Show at the end of September where we exhibit our chickens. Freda, our little Black Rosecomb, won Best True Bantam - you can see her there with her rosette : )
I said goodbye to my girl Char again this week as she headed back off to uni, so our Tuesday night was spent with a Nandos, followed by a cup of tea at hers, a good gossip & playing with her fish.. Seriously miss her when she goes to London. : (
I've recently been training a lady on box office at work & last Saturday she came in with a card & some chocolates to say thankyou! Now.. I either talk waaaaay too much about pugs & the colour pink, or it was a lucky guess on her part! But how lovely is that! : )
I met the girls for brunch & shopping the end of last week. We usually go to a small café at the top of one of our local bookstores, but we decided to go to Bills restaurant instead. I love it there, I know I've mentioned it in previous posts, but the food is just amazing. They do breakfast, lunch, dinner & afternoon tea. (which is the best thing since sliced bread) In the evening, we met Boop & Seb's new family members, these two adorable kittens, Pippin & Merry. (I can see all you LOTR fans squee-ing right now!) Aren't they just adorable?
& finally, I wanted to include this picture I took on a walk with Honey. This week I was brave enough to do something I didn't think I had the courage to do & although I didn't do as well as I wanted too, I still accomplished it. This picture just makes me think, why stress about that stuff when the world is so beautiful & by worrying about these things, it makes us bypass the beauty of the sun setting in the evening. Or the owls hooting outside my window at night. Or the simplicity of the leaves falling from the trees on a sunny Autumn day. Saying all of this, the small stuff will always effect me because the way I am as a person, but learning to come out the other side & the relief of accomplishing it, is worth every stressful moment.


  1. You have a farm, wow! Such gorgeous photos! Love the cats eekk! Abi :)

  2. Aw your cats are so cute i love cats too i have 2
    your blog is lovely by the way i will be looking again

    1. They're my friends cats, but yes they are gorgeous :) Thankyou!



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