Friday, 17 April 2015

Life Lately #75

Hello lovelies,
How are you all? I've been getting back into my health & fitness this month, starting with my new purchase, a blender. I made my first smoothie & got a bit excited by throwing in every fruit we had in the house into one bottle.. it tasted ok, but I really need to find some good recipes for smoothies. Is there any you'd recommend? I've also been jogging every other day / 3 times a week to get a toned body for summer. Primark's sports wear section has been a complete life saver!
Did you see my Easter posts? I decided to try my first ever set of false nails over the Easter weekend & spent the day on Sunday with my family.
I've also been loving this hot weather! James has been home over Easter, so we've been doing lots of fun things around work in the sunshine. This was my outfit of the day last week when we went to see Fast & Furious 7. It was amazing. Seriously. I've loved the previous movies for as long as I can remember & was so excited to see it even though it's the last one with Paul Walker. I wore my Dad's denim shirt, with leggings & my trusty New Look boots.
Last Monday, I went to see McBusted in Bournemouth with the girls. We saw them last year in London & decided to go for the standing area this year. We travelled down by car & stopped for a cheeky Nandos on the way. The concert was amazing. The atmosphere was incredible & the boys didn't disappoint : )
Hope you've had a lovely week lovelies!


  1. SO SO jealous you saw mcbusted can't even explain like a lifelong dream haha not kidding and Nandos before? Could you get more perfect! P.s your body looks amazing (is that creepy hahaha) you are so fit :( makes me feel like a potato xx

    1. Awwh hunni you are so sweet & definitely not a potato! Yes I'm such a big fan of Nandos! :D xxxxx

  2. Wow, body's looking fierce! Well done, I'm just so lazy! I saw Fast & Furious 7 on Thursday, so good. Love your denim shirt outfit.

    Lucy x

    1. Thankyou hunni! Some days I feel so unmotivated, but feel so good afterwards, it pushes me to do more :) x


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