Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Collection Eyes Uncovered - Nude Bronze Palette

Hello lovelies!

I picked up this gorgeous nude palette a while back in Boots from Collection. It was such a bargain retailing at £3.99 (think it's currently £2.99!) & I couldn't believe my luck to find one without finger prints. Does anyone else find that the most annoying thing in the world?! Why can't people just use tester palettes..

First point I want to comment on is the pigmentation of these eye shadows. Oh my goodness, you seriously only need the tiniest amount on your brush & it does take a while to blend in, but they all have fantastic coverage.

The shades are also very shimmery. If you're not a fan of glitter or non-matte shades, I'd steer clear of this palette. I love glitter as much as the next 5 year old but even I struggled keeping it from straying down onto my cheeks when applying it! 

Left - right: Ivory / Mink / Ochre / Golden Brown / Ember / Nutty
My favourite shades to use together are Ochre & Golden Brown, such beautiful warm tones for a day time look, but I find Mink & Nutty perfect for a sophisticated evening look.

Have you tried any of the palettes from Collection Cosmetics?

Oh & I reviewed the W7 In The Nude palette a few weeks ago if you wanted to pop over for a read!  I found it was a perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette.


  1. Ochre looks like such a pretty shade! <3

  2. great blog, have a nice week!

  3. That palette is very nice. Definitely colours I would wear.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Thankyou, it is perfect :) x


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