Sunday, 15 November 2015

Life Lately #91

Afternoon lovelies!
Last week I went over to my friend's after work to watch a firework display. You know when you go to a back garden display, you think they'll be a few small fireworks etc, but Campbell went all out & we had massive explosions & the display lasted a good 10 minutes, complete with us being covered in ash from standing too close to them! You did us proud Campbell!
Last Saturday, it was Char's 21st! She came back from uni & we spent the afternoon pottery painting, which I've never done before, but it was such good fun! We got to pick out the item we wanted to paint, I chose a tea light / candle holder (which I might actually use for a makeup brush pot) & we get to collect them in the next few days after they've been glazed.
Last Monday, I started my Christmas shopping & I've almost managed to do half of it! Brilliant start if you ask me! I went to our local shopping centre with Gemma & we stopped at Costa for a tea & snack break. Costa have introduced their Christmas selection again for this year, including this delicious chocolate orange yule log. Unfortunately they haven't brought back the chocolate orange hot chocolate, which was my favourite last year!
I met up with Lorna last Tuesday & we spent the afternoon chatting away over a cup of tea & hot chocolate. I love hearing all about her tales at work & life stories. Really puts a smile on my face.
Friday night myself, Cathy & her parents went to see No Jacket Required, a Phil Collins & Genesis tribute band. We go most years & as always, it was a brilliant show. They are such a fantastic band.
Last night, myself & my family had a meal to celebrate my Grandad's 88th birthday which will be this coming Tuesday. We had a feast of duck, roast potatoes, veg & profiteroles for pudding. So delicious.
& finally I had to include this picture of Honey on my bed this morning. It basically sums up how I've felt the last few days! This week has been so crazy with work, meeting up with people & I've just been on the go all the time, it was so nice to wake up this morning & know I could relax. I'm currently saving like mad for Christmas & for next year when James finishes uni & we can hopefully move in together, so today is a welcome day off.
& I couldn't not mention the events that have happened over the last few days in Paris. Thoughts are with all the families that have had loved ones taken away from them & to everyone that's been effected. It's hard to believe that these things happen in the world we live in. #PrayForParis


  1. You always get up to so much in a week. Makes me feel slightly ashamed for spending most of my life either at work or in bed, haha!! x

    Christina Marie -

    1. Haha awwh bless you. I'm work most days so I have to squeeze everything in around it & it gets very tiring but I wouldn't have it any other way :) xx

  2. I love to read round up posts and see what people have been doing all through the week! What an original idea for 21st celebrations, looking forward to seeing them after they've been glazed! Happy birthday to your grandad, 88! What an achievement! xx
    Polkadot Pink - a thrifty, life&style blog

    1. Awwh thankyou so much babe :) xx

  3. Whenever I read this posts I feel like I should really get a life...but that's by the by haha! Fireworks in the garden are always fun, we did it for my 15th birthday I think (I was a little scared of getting hit ;))! Pottery painting actually sounds really therapeutic xxx

    1. It was actually babe! We were all sitting there totally transfixed with painting, we didn't speak for ages! Haha! xxx


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