Saturday, 2 January 2016

Life Lately #95

These last few weeks have been completely manic but also some of the loveliest of the entire year.
Let's start with Elisa, one of my best friends going on maternity leave on Christmas Eve. She was due to give birth on 6th January, but actually went into labour on 29th & baby Lily was born at 11.09am! We have a facebook chat with all our close friends in & it was going crazy as soon as Elisa sent through a picture of the birthing pool! It was such a tense day as I was at work 12-8.30 & we heard the news at 2pm! Another of the ladies I work with ran out to box office & we both celebrated. Both mum & baby are doing fine & myself & James are going to visit Lily later on today. I'm so excited!
As tradition stands, myself & James go to watch panto every year on Christmas Eve. This year was Beauty & The Beast & we thoroughly enjoyed it. It had some beautiful music & we fell in love with the beast & the dame. They were both amazing.
After the panto, we headed over to James' mums for Christmas Eve dinner & then to my family for lunch on Christmas Day, followed by James' dads on Boxing Day! I love spending time with our families & of course that includes our lovely doggies. Just look how adorable Honey is! Of course, way too much alcohol & food was consumed, but that's what January is for right?
New Years Eve soon came round as I had to work between Christmas & New Year (luckily not Boxing Day!) & we celebrated with some fireworks, a curry & games in the evening. It's always a special night as James' birthday is on 1st January, so a lot of alcohol was consumed Thursday & yesterday! We decided to go bowling & out for dinner in the evening with the family at TGI Fridays. I'd never been before, but the food was delicious.
How was your Christmas & New Year lovelies?
Would love to hear what you got up too : )


  1. My god these weeks seem to be flying by? I can't keep up with life I need to get into the swing of it all again haha! I absolutely love newborns so that is just adorable and I used to go to the panto, need to get back into it xxx


    1. Ah I know right! I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things! xxx

  2. It's great to hear about your Christmas and New Years. The break went so fast- back to work for me tomorrow.

    1. I know it's so sad how quick it does go :( xx Hope work goes well for you!


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