Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Life Lately #103

Morning lovelies,

I wanted to share with you this beautiful place James & I went for breakfast last week. We've had a real mixture of weather in the UK this month, some days it's glorious sunshine, other days we'll have rain all day & some it's just miserable & cloudy. For the first time this year (& maybe the last!) we managed to sit outside for breakfast. I ordered a full English & James had scrambled egg on toast & although they took a while to serve us, it didn't really matter to be honest as we weren't in a rush, but the food was definitely worth waiting for.

In the afternoon, we decided to head to Guildford for a bit of shopping. This was the view across the river Wey, with a lovely little boat passing under the bridge we were on. It's such a picturesque place to visit & great for shops.

The following day, we made Husky cupcakes. Ok, I'll be honest.. they were supposed to be polar bears but we just thought they looked more like dogs when we'd finished! They tasted so delicious, definitely be making them again.

On Saturday, I said goodbye to James for his last term at uni! He literally has two exams in May, an assignment in for the end of this month, then he's completed his 3 year course! It's amazing & I'm so proud of him. Can't wait for him to be back permanently & for us to no longer have such a distance between us.

Now I say, James headed back to uni on Saturday, he actually headed to Cardiff for a stag do! One of our best friends is getting married next month (hen do at the end of April, so excited Elisa!) but it was the boys turn first as they headed off in a mini bus to Cardiff. All us ladies thought we'd have a girls day / night as the boys were away, so we bought some chocolate & games & headed to Gem's house. It was such a lovely chilled evening, I even came home & jumped straight in the bath for further pampering!

Last Sunday, my tea ladies & I headed down to Littlehampton to visit Lorna for the day. She moved down there about a year ago & although we do meet up often, it's rare for us all to have the day off & travel down to see her. We were so lucky with the weather, it was beautifully sunny, there were a few clouds & it got extremely chilly on the seafront, but we had such a lovely day. We played miniature golf (I won, yay! James' obsession with golf helped me through!) & then went back to Lorna's for a tea before driving home.

How has your week been lovelies?
I'll hopefully be uploading a few more vlogs soon, so keep a look out for them over on my YouTube channel! : )


  1. The view across the river was so beautiful and those cupcakes too cute to eat!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

    1. I know, it was just so perfect <3 Thankyou for your lovely comment babe xx

  2. I love shopping in Guildford it's gorgeous but I don't go enough! The cupcakes were so gorgeous even if they didn't turn out how they intended they're awesome! xxx

  3. Some beautiful scenery there! Loving the dog/polar bear cakes too ;) haha! x

    Xtina G Says..


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