Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Corfu! Part I

Hello lovelies,

Hope you're all well!

At the end of June, James & I jetted off with this family to Corfu for a week. It was one of the most beautiful places I've been lucky enough to visit. The weather was stunning, we had highs of 36 degrees & only a 5 minute shower of rain one day (which was actually quite refreshing!) So sit back, relax & enjoy the post!

Monday 20th June

Can you believe I was awake this early?! Neither can I..

Our taxi was booked for 4am to take us to Gatwick, luckily we don't live too far away so after a short 25 minute journey, it meant we were at the airport for 4.30am. James & Alex decided to stay up all night, while the rest of us managed to get around 5 hours sleep. The flight was delayed by 30ish mins, so after a brisk check in, we were through security & boarded our flight. In just under 3 hours, we had arrived in Corfu.

I absolutely love the initial opening of the plane doors & the heat just hitting you! Best feeling ever as when we left England it was cold & rainy. We managed to pick up our bags & the hire car / fun bus & headed out to find some food. As we couldn't get into our villa till 4pm, we found a local taverna for lunch.

I'm a massive fan of Greek food. A lot of it is similar to ours, but you are always welcomed with baskets of bread & most of the time, a complimentary dessert or shot at the end of the meal! You can't really complain!

We then headed over to our villa as we were exhausted from travelling & got straight into our swim wear for a dip in the pool & unpacked.

They had kindly left us an inflatable ball & two lilo's to use in the pool, which was very sweet. Although, we lost count of the amount of times we lost the ball over the side as we had some very competitive pool volley ball matches!

The views were seriously amazing from the pool, we only had a few neighbouring villas.

That night we decided to head into our local town called Yaliskari as England were playing Slovakia in the Euro's. The walk down to the town was beautiful & you could even catch a glimpse of our villa through the trees.

Tuesday 21st June

As we got to bed after midnight on Monday & had a 3.30am start, we had a lay in & spent the morning by the pool. James & I decided to take a stroll down to our beach in the afternoon. The villas in our area had access to a private beach, which was around a 5 minute walk down through the olive groves. We spied a few lizards on our way (I wanted to hug one but sadly couldn't catch it..) & there was also a lot of butterflies, grasshoppers & crickets.

I still can't get over how blue the water was, it was so beautiful!

That night we decided to eat in a local taverna called The White House. This place has so much history attached to it, I've linked the official website so you can read all about it if you like.

We had a table right on the water's edge which was stunning.

& I had one of the best chocolate brownies I've ever tasted, even the locals wanted a slither..

Wednesday 22nd June

When we went to Lefkas a few years ago, we hired a boat for the day & it was one of the best days of the holiday. We explored secret coves & snorkelling spots for the boys, so of course we had to do the same this year & explore the island from the water.

Allan, Alex & James all took it in turns to drive as we headed out to sea.

You can just see the light house here on the corner & that marked the spot where we turned & came back. The waves were seriously choppy & after 2 'super soakings' from the boys, we made our way to a taverna for a snack before lunch & a dry off!

Our little boat is the one to the right of this picture with the blue towels hanging on it! We had a few starters here before heading off to another small town for lunch.

James decided to have a quick snorkel before we made it to the second taverna. I'm not a massive fan of swimming in the sea, especially out of the depth, so I left him to it!

We picked the most gorgeous spot for lunch, right on the sea front, looking out to hundreds of fish, swimming below us. It was also right next to a very crowded beach, but it gave me the chance to have a dip & cool off before we set sail again!

Hope you've enjoyed this post lovelies! Part II will be coming soon : )


  1. This is a beautiful post and your photos are absolutely gorgeous:-) It sounds like you've had the best holiday my dear! I LOVE Corfu! It's such a beautiful island and one of my favourite holiday destinations :-) I can't wait to see part two of your adventure :-)

    El xxx

  2. Thankyou so much El <3 xxxx

  3. It looks so so lovely, I've always wanted to stay in a villa! Look like you had a lovely time xx

    Tamz |

  4. This is a beautiful post. I enjoyed avery pictures like you also did while snaping them. Have a great week ahead
    XoXo - Vettae
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