Thursday, 27 October 2016

Life Lately #115

Hello lovelies!

These past two weeks have been so busy but also so lovely.

I met up with my girlies last Sunday for brunch & games. I also got to meet Cathy's brother & sister-in-laws bunnies that she's been looking after while they've been on holiday. They are just so cute. I used to really want a bunny & it's re-kindled my love for them again.. I would give anything for a house rabbit but I don't think it would survive long with Harvey around sadly..

The Sidemen book was finally released last week! James & I have been waiting so long for this & as I'd pre-ordered it from Amazon, it arrived on release day, in mint condition. So much love for these guys.

Last Thursday James graduated from uni! We had been planning our trip to Gloucester for so long, it was amazing when the day actually came around. We travelled up on Wednesday night & stayed in a lovely B'n'B in Gloucester before heading to the cathedral early on Thursday morning for the ceremony. James' family met us there in the morning & after he had graduated, we went for lunch at The Queen's Head. It was a lovely pub & they served the biggest portions in the world.. seriously. It was amazing value for money. After lunch we headed back home.

Last Friday I made brownies for mum's birthday. She decided she'd rather have brownies than an actual birthday cake, so I spent the day on Friday baking. The brownies actually turned out really well, not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I was seriously proud of them!

On Saturday morning (mum's birthday) we woke up at 7am & headed across the fields to photograph some of our resident geese. There is around 300 Canada geese that are currently residing in one of our fields & between 7.10 & 7.20, they take off from their nesting spots. We managed to capture some beautiful pictures of them, even some of them flying over our heads! It was amazing to see & sadly, they'll soon be heading home for the Winter.

Saturday evening we had a family meal at my grandparent's house. It was lovely to catch up with them & spend time with my family. We ate the brownies & I also made some macaroons with orange buttercream in. They went down a treat!

Finally, Sunday James & I had a rare day off together & headed out with the dogs to take some autumnal pictures. I love Autumn so much now. I never used to be a fan as I'm a Summer girl at heart, but just all the gorgeous colours at this time of year are too beautiful to not fall in love with.

How has your week been? : )

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