Sunday, 30 July 2017

Harry Potter - Warner Brother's Studio Tour

Hello lovelies,

For Christmas, James & I received two tickets to the Harry Potter Studios Tour from my parents & we finally got to go last weekend. You have to book about 4 months in advance for a tour slot, so we decided to go for 12pm on Sunday 23rd July. We luckily don't live that far away from Watford, about an hour & 20 minute drive so we set off in my new car (more about Connie the convertible in my next post!)

You have to arrive ideally about half an hour before your time slot, we accounted for traffic & arrived nearly an hour before, but it meant we were able to get some refreshments & take a few pictures in the lobby. You also have access to the gift shop, so if you do arrive early, there is plenty to look at.

 As you begin the tour, you are taken into The Great Hall. It looked exactly like it did in the movies!

The Great Hall

Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore & Snape  

This was one of my favourite displays we saw.. a table full of chocolate! If only it was real..

We also loved the little rooms they had set up; the Gryffindor Common Room, Dumbledore's Office & the Weasley's Front Room were so beautifully arranged.

Gryffindor Common Room

Dumbledore's Office

Potions Classroom

The Weasley's House

We also got the chance to experience the Forbidden Forest which is a new addition to the studio tour this year. Oh & if your not the biggest fan of spiders.. just be careful.. you never know what might jump out at you..


Onto one of my favourite parts, the Hogwarts Express! It was so beautiful. You come out of the forbidden forest & turn the corner & magically appear onto Kings Cross station. You can also walk through the train & see the different carriages from each movie. 

Hogwarts Express

The Knight Bus

We then stopped for lunch & tried a butterbeer, the cream on the top was delicious but I wasn't keen on the actual 'beer'. It just tasted like cold, fizzy butter. Extremely weird, but glad we tried it. You have the option to either bring your own food, or buy from the café which actually wasn't too expensive considering where we were.

Another favourite part of the tour for me was Diagon Alley. I loved looking at all the shops, especially Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!

& finally, they saved the best till last.. A huge model of Hogwarts that simply blew us away. The music was playing, the castle was lit up & the whole room felt so magical.. there really isn't anything I can write to describe just how incredible it was.






The whole tour took about around three hours. That included our lunch & time in the gift shop at the end, but you never feel rushed & I loved that you could just potter around in your own time. 

Have you ever been to the Harry Potter studios?
I can't recommend it enough, it was honestly so much fun : )

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