Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Week In Photos

  How beautiful is the weather today? I know everyone's been saying it in their blogs, but wow! I drove home from my boyfriend's this morning with all the windows down & was baking! Right so I thought I'd post a few photos from this week. : )

Last week we went to Brighton & played on the machines on the pier. (We didn't win anything..!)

My boy & I on Brighton beach.

My beautiful presents from Gordon. :)

I've been living on these cakes this week. My alternative to chocolate! & they are so cute with little Easter animals on top.

My morning routine. Tea, blog & read.

I picked up this beautiful ring yesterday from Dorothy Perkins, £2 in the sale!

Some of my girls on the beach in Littlehampton yesterday.

All of us at the station.

Can't I pull the most darling of faces!? Haha. My friend MADE me post this photo even though I look totally stupid. You can see my new headband though, sorta wearing it full time at the moment! I'm in love with the polka dots.

  Urgh, my nose & legs are a little red from yesterday still, but they are slowly turning brown. I've got to go to the doctors on Thursday about my eye. It still keeps swelling up everytime I wear contacts, so I've been ordered by Specsavers to wear my glasses until it's sorted. So annoying as I love wearing sunglasses & can't over my normal glasses, but I need them to drive & use at work, so I basically wear them all the time.

  On a happier note, I'm going to Brighton again tomorrow with Leia & Alice & then staying over Leia's on Thursday which'll be good. : )

  Fast & Furious is out on Thursday too, so I'm dragging along my friends to watch it. (Mostly the girls, the guys are well up for it!) Hope you're all having a good start to the week. : )


  1. I know what you mean about contacts. I'd much rather wear them than glasses and hated it when I had my eye infection and couldn't wear them.
    Looks like you had a fun time at the beach, so jealous. I really wanna go one of these long weekends we're due to have.

  2. Sounds like you had a good week! I tried on that ring but they didn't have it in my size :(. Love it!

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  4. awe it sounds like you had a wonderful time Cat! looove that amazing ring:)

  5. Based on that photo spread, your last week was pretty great. That ring is crazy-cool, too!

  6. so cute! i really want to see the new fast & the furious, vin diesel = yum. x hivenn

  7. i love these week in photos posts...looks like good times! thanks for sharing! hope you enjoyed the movie!!


  8. You look so beautiful with your glasses on! Xx


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