Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Raspberry & Blackberry

  It feels like forever since I last posted, even though it was less than a week ago! How is everyone? : D


  This is my gorgeous Hello Kitty Pete & Leia bought me back from Spain. They won it in one of those grabby machines you get on the beach. : ) So cute.

  Anyway, I went shopping on Monday & got these two gorgeous products, one's a shower gel & the other one a body butter from the I Love... range.

Shower gel
£2.03 - Superdrug

I literally love this product - it smells so gorgeous I actually want to eat it! I actually first smelt these flavours when my friend ordered a raspberry & blackberry drink from Costa! Ever since I found a product that smelled like it, I've been addicted. : )

& this is the body butter, again, same flavour:

Body butter

£2.03 - Superdrug
You might have seen in my last post I did a review on Cocoa Butter Body Butter. This product is alot more.. moussey? Is that a word? Lol! It's more light & creamy if that makes sense. (I'm rubbish at describing products!)

This has a slightly stronger flavour than the shower gel but it just makes it even more yummy.

If you want to check out the other flavours have a look at their website. They say the products are mouth-watering.. so true! I'm tempted to get the bubble bath & lip balms!

Right my blog feed is literally backing up since Friday, so I'm off to read your gorgeous posts. Oh & people commented asking me how I found Pirates Of The Caribbean the other day. My opinion: it was exactly like the other three. I don't mean that's a bad thing, it just didn't jump out as the best one or the worse.. was just good. I'm seeing Water For Elephants tonight.. has anyone seen it? I've heard it's good. : )


ARGH NO - just tried commenting on your blogs & can't so I will when blogger decides it's going to be nice again. : ) xx


  1. aw that hello kitty is so cute :) i really want to see pirates of the caribbean and water for elephants!

  2. mmmmm that body butter looks sooo yummy! Can i eat it, please ;)

    Just found your bloggy :) Following!

  3. Thats such a cute hello kitty =]
    oh p.s thanks for the website hook up!

  4. that shower gel looks amazing! x


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