Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Congratulations to Ashley from under those neon lights!

You've won this gorgeous bird ring & flower necklace. I'll post it out to you soon hun. : )

On to other things, I just want to apologise for my lack of blogging & it's even worse to say I don't really have an excuse for my lack of updates.. I know alot of bloggers have busier lives than me & still find the time to blog (some of them every day) so I will really try to keep going, because I do love being apart of the blogger community & reading all your gorgeous blogs & comments. : D

So yeahhh, I'm off out swimming now - I'll hopefully be able to catch up with all your blogs tomorrow. : ) Hope you all have an awesome day & congrats again to Ashley!


  1. ooh well done to her :) I find it hard to update really often, I definitely couldn't do a post a day! Hope to read more from you soon :) xx

  2. haha, thank you !
    I'm happy knowing I'm not the only one thinking that (:


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