Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ring Ring.. Hello?

Evening girls. : )

Thought I'd show you my gorgeous new rings I got from H and M.

They were £3.99 for the two. : )

Also, my gorgeous new finds from a charity shop I got today:

Ring - 99p

I thought this ring would look gorgeous mixed with other strong colours. (Keeping with the idea of colour blocking)

Teapot - £4
Clock - £5

My Auntie collects teapots, so I bought this for her birthday. The clock was just so cute and unique I couldn't resist buying her that as well.

Oh and I'm thinking of doing a video - not sure what of yet, does anyone have any suggestions of what they'd like me to talk about? I'm thinking of doing a questions and answers kind of thing if I don't get any ideas in the next few days. But yes, any suggestions are welcome. : D


  1. Gorgeous finds, the rings are lovely. I am also slightly jealous you're auntie is getting that teapot, it's so quirky and I love owls and tea! :(


  2. P.S I love the title of your post. Charlie the unicorn reference? Or have I just made myself look like a massive nerd?? xx

  3. Those rings are fabulous and I just adore the clock. My Gran collects pot rabbits, so I'm always on the look out for them when in charity shops.

  4. those blue rings are absolutely gorgeous!! wish i could add those to my collection!!


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