Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Peacock Tails

Hi girls, hope you're all well.

I've just got in from a trip to town with my girls. We went to this gorgeous little tea room called The Black Olive, I had a tea as standard, Emz had a hot chocolate & Lauren had a leek soup. I love finding little places around my town that I never knew existed. Especially quaint little tea rooms. : )

Also girls, be proud! I only spent £2! (Well minus the tea, car park & all my mum's birthday presents) But only £2 on myself! I hate the shops at the moment, sales everywhere, which ultimately equals way too much temptation. >.<

So I managed to get this ring from Dorothy Perkins. I've had my eye on it since it came out, but I wouldn't have paid £8.50 for it. However, I saw it the other day for £4 & considered getting it next time I was in town, but today I found it for £2! So happy. : )

I also spotted these gorgeous earrings. I want them so badly..
Buy them here at Dorothy Perkins
How pretty are these?! -sigh-

I'm hopefully going out tonight to the pub with some friends, just for a quiet night of drinks & chatting. : ) Yay. It's so cold though, I'm thinking coat, scarf, gloves & hat. Oh yes. Chat to you all soon darlings. : )


  1. it's so cold right now! but i like it cos it means i can wear my PROPER winter stuff, hellooo faux fur coat and thick tights!! those earrings are absolutely amazing, i love anything that has to do with bird, but especially peacock and the feathers, ahhh! brilliant find :)



  2. Hehe well done, I'm really trying to cut down on spending too! The earrings are nice though :) xx


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