Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Update #3

Hi girls, I'm so sorry I've been MIA this past week. Everything has been so hectic, with work, family stuff & just life in general. Anyway, I'm back now! How are you all?

Let's start with a little update shall we? : )

Work: Still the same. I'm doing about 5 / 6 days a week at the moment, mixture of stewarding & being on the box office. We had a show called Numberjacks in this week, mainly aimed at young kids, it almost felt panto-ish with them all running around!

Friends: Got to catch up with Lorna this week (hey babe! I know you'll probably read this!) for a Starbucks & a chatter. Oh & a Domino's night with some special ones last night. We ordered online for the first time, lol. Which pizza would you chose from the pizza menu? : D

Boyfriend: Still chatting every day & I get to see him in a week & 2 days. YES. I count.

Halloween: Can't believe how quick this has come around to be honest. A few weeks ago I was discussing what to do with Boop & we just said 'ahh it's ages away, we'll think about it nearer the time..' & now it's nearly here. Cathy's coming back from uni to visit this weekend which I'm so excited about, so we'll hopefully do a pub / club night on Sat. : )

Family: It was my mum's birthday on Saturday & even though we didn't really do much it was a really good weekend. She loved all her presents & we had a good laugh.

Other stuff: I have to admit, I'm becoming obsessed with Twitter. Seriously. I love it. : ) & Lauren has posted another gorgeous DIY post you have to check out. It's so adorable. : D

So, I've got a number of posts lined up for the next couple of days, some reviews & a couple of random days out. Thankyou all for sticking with me. Hope you're all well & enjoying your half terms if you're lucky to be on holiday. : )


  1. Oh wow oh wow that DIY project is awesome!! I am all over that tonight!! :-P
    Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday :-(

    Em xxx

  2. Emilyyyy. :) Hello.

    I know her blog is fantastic, definately check out her posts. :D

    It's fine, don't worry hun xxxxx

  3. Yay to being busy and having so many activities and loved ones to fill in the hours of the day! :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. Thank you !
    Yeah, but it's worth the feeling when they arrive, haha (:

  5. it always seems to get hectic around this time! take care and have a great weekend!

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