Monday, 16 January 2012

Guest Posting - Emily

So today is my birthday - I'm 21! 

& I thought it would be perfect to have one of my beautiful best friends guest post for you. You'll probably remember Emily guest posting back in September when I went on holiday to Spain. Please check out her blog, she is amazing. : )


Hello everyone!

First off, I want to wish my gorgeous friend Cat a very happy 21st birthday! Make sure you all send her lots of birthday wishes :-)

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You might remember me from my last guest post for One Hand in My Pocket. Well, I'm back today to post on a slightly different theme, because it's fun to mix things up a bit, isn't it?!

I went out for lunch with Cat and a couple of our friends recently and of course we discussed our Christmas gifts. I mentioned to Cat that I was given a huge trunk of Soap and Glory products from my uncle, so she suggested I do a little review post for you all!

I've chosen my three favourite products from the collection as you can see, there were loads to choose from!

I had a little gander on the Soap and Glory website as I'd never used any of their products before. There's so much to choose from and all really reasonably priced too! I just love the play on words they use to title each item-it really sets them apart from other (more boring) brands. Most of the products I looked at online consistently got four or five star reviews from users which is great and certainly well-deserved :-)

So, without further ado, I bring you my thoughts on three of my favourite S&G products. Enjoy!

This is a daily Vitamin C face wash with skin-brightening complex-according to the label! I don't normally use foaming face washes as I tend to prefer 3-in-1 wipes, mainly because they're quicker and easier (and I can often be a bit lazy when it comes to skin care!) But I thought I'd give this one a go :-)

This is honestly a pleasure to use. A small blob is enough to cleanse the entire face and it lathers up well without becoming overly foamy, which is one of the things I can't stand about some face washes. There are tiny beads in the wash that gently exfoliate at the same time as washing, so I feel like I'm getting 2 products for the price of 1 (not that I actually paid for it, but you know what I mean!)

I've used this wash for about two weeks now and I have already noticed a difference in my skin. I've always had fairly normal skin that can occasionally get a bit dry, especially around my nose, but since using "Face Soap and Clarity", my face feels much softer and definitely looks brighter and healthier.
The wash looks and smells gorgeous too; with it's tiny pink exfoliating beads and fruity scent, it's the ultimate girly face product!

And, as it says on the tube, "dictionary be damned, it will do a bang-up job at washing your face!"
"Mist You Madly" Body Spray RRP: £6

I love, love, love this scented body mist! Normally I stick to eau de toilettes rather than mists as the former lasts longer, normally all day, so no re-application is neccessary. That said, despite it not lasting all day, this body spray has such a gorgeous smell that having to re-apply doesn't really matter to me. According to the S&G site, they offer a mini bottle as well as this 250ml, so it's easy enough to pop into your handbag, ready for you when you want to refresh the scent :-)

The scent itself is really lovely-a very pretty, powdery smell with a light touch of musk to it, it not only smells great on the body but left my bedroom smelling yummy as well! Bonus! It gives quite a generous amount of the scent when you spritz it as well, so I imagine it would last a while.

Let's be honest, the real reason I'm in love with this spray is the name. Come on, "Mist You Madly"?! It's so cutesie and fun and at just £6, well worth a buy! When I run out, I'll certainly be buying more :-)

I have to admit, I'm a little bit obsessed with this gloss!

I've never been a lip gloss gal really; I tend to prefer lipsticks. There's literally nothing worse than when the wind blows your hair and it gets stuck to your glossy lips-yuck!!

The "Sexy Mother Pucker" gloss (apart from having a supremely awesome name!) isn't sticky, much to my delight! It's slick and shimmery with a lovely, subtle peachy tone (the shade is called Candy Gloss), but it's certainly not sticky like some glosses I've tried in the past.

Ooh and it tastes yum! There's a scrummy vanilla flavour which I can taste whenever I lick my lips :-) Just remember you can't eat it!

Be warned-there's a surprise in store with this that I wasn't prepared for!

When I put this gloss on for the first time, I discovered that it causes the lips to go delightfully tingly! I'm assuming this is the lip-plumping magic getting to work as it leaves the lips looking fuller and very kissable ;-)

I wasn't expecting the tingle so it was a pleasant surprise, making this gloss extra fun! I'm sorely tempted to sample some of the other shades in this gloss...

I'm giving the "Sexy Mother Pucker" gloss five stars as, so far, I haven't found anything negative! Go Soap and Glory!
I'm not ashamed to confess, I have officially become an S&G convert (see? I'm already abbreviating their name!) The three products I've already tried and tested have been enough to show me just how fab a brand this is! I can't wait to try out the "Calm One, Calm All" bubble bath and the "Clean on Me" shower gel. With names like that, what's not to love?!
I hope I've managed to convert a few of you lovely readers as well, or at least tempted you into trying some of these products out for yourselves. I promise you, you won't regret it!
Thanks for reading everyone and thank you Cat for letting me ramble on your blog ;-) Happy 21st gorgeous!!
Emily xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Cat! Great guest post, I'm still yet to jump on the S&G bandwagon, I'll probably raid boots next time I am home!

  2. Happy Bday Cat!! 21!! :D I love a bit of Soap and Glory too, the packaging is amazing and the products really work. xx

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day. Definitely going to check out the S&G products the next time I'm in Boots. The hand food hand cream is amazing!

  4. Happy Birthdaay Cat!<3<3
    Soap+Glory look really good, but ive never tried them myself!:/xxxxxxx
    Hope you had a lovley day Cat!


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