Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Update #8

Quick update for y'alllll. : )

# We had the show Celtic Dream at work on Sunday, they're an Irish cast that performed a mixture of songs & dances from Ireland. It was actually really good until the group of guys came out into the audience & made everyone sing, then commented 'Even staff have to sing as well' & pointed to me. How embarrassing. Over 300 Irish loving people, staring at me to sing. I was like.. 'Mmm leaving now..' To add to the embarrassment of that night, I spent half of it walking around with my flies un-done displaying my lovely glittery cupcake underwear to the world. Lovely.

# I still haven't broken my Lent yet! Amazing I know..

# I got my first Easter egg from my friend, Muffin. He personalised it completely, from the box, to the writing on the egg & the tray it was sitting in. So adorable.

# It's another birthday coming up this weekend, my friend Jack is going to be 22, so I'm predicting another heavy night on Saturday - photos to follow as always.

# How was everyone's Mother's Days? I bought my Mum some daffodiles (her favourite flowers) & we spent the day up with my grandparents then I headed off to work in the evening.

# Oh & not forgetting.. I'm seeing JLS this Saturday! I'm SO EXCITED!


  1. Oh dear, showing your pants off to everyone! :P Have a fab time at JLS, can't believe we'll both be in London at the same time! P.S take loads of photos at JLS, I wanna have a nosey at them when you get back! :D xxxx

  2. I totally want an Easter Egg but they don't seem to have them like they do in the UK over here! It's all candy.


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