Tuesday, 3 April 2012

No7 Poppy King Lipgloss

I received this lip gloss in a Christmas box from one of my friends. : )

I love No7 products, especially their lipsticks. I've never tried a lip gloss from their range before, so I was really excited to get this for Christmas. I love the packaging, the polka dots are so effortlessly pretty.

It is quite a glittery gloss, which I'm not too fussed on, but it applies really well & stays on your lips for a long period of time.

The swatch actually looks quite dark, but when applied to your lips it blends in with your natural lip colour so just looks like your wearing a very sheer gloss. (with a bit of sparkle)

However, it is quite a sticky gloss, which again, I'm not a fan of, but it does look gorgeous on. : )

Have you tried any of the Poppy King range?


  1. It is a pretty color and I love the polka-dots on it!

  2. the packaging is so cute i love polka dots :) and the colour looks nice too, i'm sure it looks gorrrgeous on!



  3. Such a nice colour! I've been wanting to try some of the Poppy King stuff because the packaging is sooo cute! :) xxxxx

  4. I don't tend to like sticky glosses either, but this seems like a lovely subtle shade which would accentuate your natural lip colour :)


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