Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pastel Nail Varnishes For Spring

Unless you've been buried under a rock, you'll know how big pastels are this Spring so I thought I'd show you my top 6 nail varnishes. Yes, that's right, 6. I couldn't pick just 5! : )

L - R: ELF Lilac, ELF Mint Cream, Barry M Pale Blue, Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Barry M Peach Melba, Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

Let's start with the two ELF varnishes. They were £1.50 each from ELF's website. I only bought these at the beginning of the year, thinking how gorgeous they'd be for Spring / Summer. Only thing I will say about them is they do take longer than normal to dry, but the colours are gorgeous.
My current nails - ELF Lilac & Mint Cream

The other 4 varnishes you can see are all by Barry M. Peach Melba is the most recent buy out of them all when there was that blogger craze about it last year! I'm so glad I got it, it's such a beautiful colour. : )

The other 3 I've loved ever since I started wearing nail varnish. A girl has to have a pastel pink in her collection somewhere & the Strawberry Ice Cream is perfect! The Pale Blue just reminds me of the sky when there are no clouds & it's just gorgeously sunny. However, the Lemon Ice Cream & I have had a love / hate relationship. Two Summer's ago, I put it on my nails & took it off immediately. For some reason, I just didn't like it. However, when I tried it on my toes, I loved it. Since then, it's been my perfect Summer shade for my toes.

*Awesome tips*

- Try mixing up your pastels on your nails, never stick to just one colour. Because they are all pale shades, they look beautiful mixed together.

- Try using a matte top coat on top of your pastel nails, it takes away the shine & looks amazing.


  1. They're all lovely! I really could do with a lilac in my collection. I never thought of using a matte top coat with pastels, good idea! xx

  2. I'm loving lilac and mint colours this spring so those two Elf polishes are my favourites here :) I hate waiting for my nails to dry though so it's a shame they take a bit longer :( I need to buy myself a matte topcoat too, I love the finish!

    Frances x

  3. wellp, im dying over these nail colors. Just might have to go an buy a few pastel polishes these weekend for Easter. 1.50 for ELF nail polish!? oh my cheap!

  4. I posted about my spring nail polishes today too!

  5. I love using mattee varnish on pastels - they really go great together.

  6. i'm really hoping that this trend of one nail different sticks around for quite some time. and i'm loving those colors. perfect for easter :)
    xo TJ

  7. You have just mixed two of my favourite things on the planet... pastels and Barry M. I'm in love! I need to start adding some of the pastel shades to my ever expanding Barry M collection! All of the ones you have are gorgeous :-). xx

  8. I went for the Barry M brights (which look super amazing with the Barry M shattered effect) but I am just adoring these pastel shades, so I will be found in a random Superdrug tomorrow! I was always jealous of your super cool nails in World Dev! :)

  9. Thankyou girls. :D

    Let's hope the pastel trend stays around for a long time. :) xx


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