Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week In Photos #22

Chocolate mousse #1 / Chocolate mousse #2 / Chocolate mousse #3 / Awesome carving on our walk #1 / Awesome carving on our walk #2 / Presents from Leia & Pete / Mum's birthday meal, my nan is so adorable / Meal again / Main / NOTW / Baby glitter nails / Christmas candles / Mum's birthday presents / Smiley sausage roll / My new mug - TEA!
Ah, it's been such a busy week as you can see!
It was my lovely mum's birthday yesterday, so we spent the weekend celebrating. We had a family meal Saturday night for her (so.. much.. food!) with my grandparents too. How adorable is my nan bless her!
I went to Matt's for dinner in the week & he always cooks me such amazing food, I thought it was only fair to attempt to make something in return. (Even at the risk of poisoning him..) so I opted for chocolate mousse. I've made them before & they seemed to get a good reaction (by that I mean nobody died after eating them..) I took photos while I made them so might make it into a post if any of you would be interested?
& finally I picked up some Christmas candles on Sunday. I know Christmas is 2 months away & I hate anything Christmasy before December, but these smell amazing! 4 for £3.99? You can't really complain. : D
Hope you all had fab weekends. : D


  1. love your nails! And happy bday to your mum :D xx

    1. Thankyou babe!

      & I'll tell her. :D xx

  2. Eeeeep, is that a sneaky photo of Matt there? ;) Please do a recipe for your mousse, it looks so yummy! Say happy birthday to Mummy Cat for me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. That is Matt yes babe. ;) You stalker! ;)

      I'll get on the mousse post right now & will do! xxxxxxxxx

  3. I like your glittery nails! Gosh, it will be chrimbo before we know it.

    The Style Rawr!

    1. Thanks hun, I know! Comes round so quick! x


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