Friday, 9 November 2012

My Winter Boots #2

So this is my 2nd Winter boot post. If you haven't seen my first pair of boots, make sure you check those out too. : )
 Right so I basically love these! They have a slightly smaller heel than my Primark ones, have gold studs & are saude. My first intention was to only keep one pair of these boots, but one being silver & the other gold, I convinced myself there was a huge difference of course, so I could keep both. ; D Which is true.. right? I mean.. a gold pair & a silver pair you can match with whatever you're wearing..

New Look - £22.99
Only negative is they are both saude, I do need to get some of that aweome protective spray or a more suitable pair for the wet weather.. mmm more shoes.. never a bad thing. ; )
What do you think lovelies?

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  1. These booties are awesome! I love the smaller heels! I always lean towards suede shoes so I definitely need some protective spray as well. :)


  2. I really love these! I'm so tempted by them! xx

  3. Ah I definitely need a pair of cute studded boots like these! Wish suede leather was more wet weather-friendly too

  4. These are gorgeous!!


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