Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Week In Photos #26

Bakin' with Pete / Downloading! / Bagels for our epic breakfasts / Matches to light all my new candles / babies keeping warm / I don't think I have enough nail varnishes yet.. do you? / New socks / Spoilt #1 / Spoilt #2 / Dan cooked me dinner / & pudding / Dini dog giving me evils :')

First of all, let's imagine this collage has another two rows of photos. We wouldn't have to imagine if someone hadn't deleted the files off her camera before copying them to a file.. -sigh-
This week has consisted of alot of food, work & chilly winter days. Alan (my car) is slowly dying more & more & even though I've filled him with pretty fairy lights, he is still grumpy it is winter & is refusing to move further than my 15min drive to work.. mmm.. anyone know how to cheer a car up? Suggestions welcome. : )
Hope you're all having a good week!


  1. Your nail varnish collection is the best thing I've ever seen. My Jessie (car) is being a bad girl too and not working properly, maybe we just need a little car get together to cheer them up! xx

  2. I love how you name your car and gosh, all the desserts look amazing

  3. Looking at this is making me hungry!
    And i want your varnish collection!
    S xx


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