Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lust List

The dress - Everybody I know has been obsessing over elephants recently & who can really blame them? Especially with Topshop bringing out some gorgeous skirts & dresses in the adorable pattern. But deep down, even though I was lusting over them, I can't deny how much more appealing a giraffe is to me. That sounds weird right? But anyone that knows me will know, a giraffe has been my favourite animal since.. well ever. And look at this beautiful dress ASOS have provided for me. It's destiny I think.
The bag - How me is this bag? Pink, cute & well.. pink. I saw it featured in Georgia's latest post (seriously, if you don't follow her, you must. Mega style crush) & just knew it was going straight onto my lust list.
The shoes - Again, how adorable? I don't have any heels like these & think they look so elegant & perfect for Summer.
The iPhone case - I swear I buy my iPhone more accessories than I buy myself. But can you blame me? There are cases on Ebay for almost everything & everyone & seeing as most of my cases are pink, this galaxy one would make a nice addition to add some variety.
The necklace - Triangles. Who knew I'd become so obsessed with them. But I am. This one just screams BUY ME.
The skort - I think every blogger in the world has mentioned this item in either a love or hate way. I however, am no exception.. mine is in the post as we speak! I'm developing an obsession for white clothing at the moment, so obviously my choice was easy.
What have you been lusting over recently? : )


  1. Your so cute love that you love giraffes haha! That phone case is gorgeous and that necklace ahhh! In fact can i have it all?! Thank you for your always sweet comments! x


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