Monday, 26 August 2013

Life At The Moment #47

Good hair day for once.. / Sunny dog walk / Sausage / Trying on some spots / Shopping ootd / Baby with her doughnut / I look 15, natural face! / Pudding at Charlie Choys - yum! / Girls / Baby sitting my best friends chinchillas / Glasses / New case / Pug dress / Fav dinner / Grumpy sausage / Happy birthday Lorna / Dinner / Girls / Myself & Lorna / I felt like Pocahontas / Tarmac is adorable / Tea & birthday cake / Happy birthday Elisa / PUG BEDDING / NOTW

So many birthdays this month!
Firstly we celebrated Lorna's at our local last week & Elisa's last Saturday. It rained all day on Saturday so instead of the original plan of a bike ride & picnic, we spent the day watching films, eating takeaway & playing board games. Oh & a round of pass the parcel. : )

So now I'm off to work, thinking it'll be quiet as it's such a lovely day & a bank holiday.
How are you all spending your long weekends?


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