Saturday, 17 August 2013

Recent Summer Outfits #2

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In my previous life at the moment post, I mentioned how social my life has been recently, so I thought I'd share some outfits with you as the last post I did of these went down really well : )
Top left - I adore how simple & adorable this outfit is. I picked up the skirt from the River Island sale, via ASOS. It's such a statement piece to have, it makes a lovely addition to my wardrobe. My heels are from New Look & my top is EBay. I found it by searching black crop top & this one was only a few pounds.
Top right - I know this isn't really an inspirational outfit, but I had to include it for the laughs. I went to my friend's 22nd birthday party last weekend. It was fancy dress, superhero style. I'm hoping you can tell who I went as? ; D My shoes got the most attention that night I have to say. They are these litas dupes from EBay.
Bottom left - This dress, what can I say? About a million people have it & probably most have blogged about it. Including me.. you can see my full post here. (It features Honey too, so even if you've seen the dress a lot already, it's worth taking a look to see her cute face!) 
Bottom right - The day I wore this outfit was one of the hottest days of the year here in the UK. Funny saying that now as it's turned so cold & wet this past week. Both the denim cropped tee & shorts are Primark's finest. I adore wearing the denim shirt with either a maxi skirt or dress, but it was too hot to do that for this occasion. The shorts I randomly re-discovered the other day & are perfect for hot weather. The material is quite thin, so it's really cooling, just very easy to crease.
Which is your favourite outfit?
& what have you been wearing this summer? : )


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