Friday, 20 June 2014

Life At The Moment #58

Hello lovelies,
Let's start with the most exciting news of the year.. one of my best girlies is engaged! I was so over-whelmed I burst into tears at the pub when she announced it. I swear I'm going to need a bucket in the church so I don't drown everyone.. hahaha. Congrats again babe! : D
If you saw my last post, you'll have seen I took part in Race For Life with my work ladies on 8th June. We managed to raise over £500 & still counting! 
I finally got some time off work to spend time with these two cuties. We had a picnic in the garden the end of last week when the weather was still semi-decent. Was so nice to have a chilled day.
Now, whether your into football or not, you would have found it impossible to avoid the world cup recently. James is so into it he's been trying to watch every game (not just England matches.. every match..) I'm not really fussed to be honest, but thought I should make some effort to support our country.. & how does every beauty blogger portray this? That's right.. painting their nails!
This was an outfit a few weeks back for a family BBQ. You can see all the details & a full post here. : )
Awwwwwh, look who was born last week. This little cutie was hatched by one of our hens but unfortunately the males weren't too happy with him, so he's come home to be with our hand-reared chicks.
& finally.. IT'S HOLIDAY TIME IN 4 DAYS!
If you didn't already know, myself & James are jetting off to Lanzarote next Monday for a week. I'm so excited. : )
Hope you're all well lovelies, are you off on any summer holidays this year?

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