Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello lovelies!
I'm back from my holiday, I can't believe how fast it went! We spent most of the week relaxing on the beach, around the hotel & stuffing our faces with food. Being all inclusive, it just makes you want to eat anything & everything that's laid out for you!
We did one trip out half way through the week. It was a submarine safari that took you to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to view two shipwrecks & millions of fish! I can't describe to you how amazing that was. The sea there is so beautiful & clear (& surprisingly warm).
The hotel we stayed at was gorgeous. It was a 20minute coach ride from the airport & had a private entrance just below our room to the beach. Most evenings after dinner, we couldn't resist taking a late night stroll by the sea.
I took around 450 photos over the whole week.. don't worry.. I haven't included them all! Here are just a few snaps : )

First night after dinner - taking a walk on the beach
At the harbour
On the submarine
Fish & our diver
James on our balcony
Our last night

Are you going on holiday this year?
I'd love to see your holiday posts! Don't forget to link them in a comment below! : )

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