Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lefkas! Part I

Hello lovelies,
You have no idea how excited I am to share this post with you!
This year, I was lucky enough to go to Greece with James' family. There was myself, James, Alex - James' brother, Auntie Julie, Allan - James' dad & Maria - Allan's partner. We stayed in a beautiful villa on the island of Lefkas. It was a 50 minute drive from the main land of Greece, from a small airport called Preveza. We hired a car (the fun bus as it was nicknamed!) for the week which was a life saver at times. Half the week the weather was thunder & lightning - we were so unlucky! Even the Greeks were shocked at the down pours!
Ok, first of all, our villa -

We had the most amazing view as you can see & the villa even came with a hammock tower! It looked so beautiful at night with the little fairy lights around the pool & our out door table.

On the second day, we went on a boat trip around the neighbouring islands & our tour guide Steve, showed us all the best places to snorkel. We even managed to find an octopus - you can see here him releasing it back into the sea.

We went to visit a waterfall on the Tuesday morning, before getting absolutely soaked - I've never been in a storm like it! I'm sure if it hadn't been raining the day before we went, the water would have looked beautiful, but sadly it was just a brown lake!

Wednesday, we woke up & it was pouring again, so we decided to travel across to the other side of the island to find the sun. Obviously there was no guarantee the sun would be out, but what do you know, the most beautiful beach appeared out of the clouds & after a quick paddle, we sat at a bar & watched the sunset. So beautiful : )

There is still so many adventures to share with you, so stayed tuned for part 2..


  1. Beautiful photos, I'm so jealous!

  2. I love these pictures, they look gorgeous :)

  3. wooow ! beautiful pictures ! looks like you had lots of fun ;D

    kisses ^^

    my handmade life blog

  4. I've never been to Greece but it looks so beautiful! The villa is fab x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Ah it was gorgeous, you should try to go! x


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