Monday, 20 July 2015

Life Lately #82

Hello lovelies!
A few weeks ago, myself, Gem, Cathy & Boop met up for dinner at our favourite place to eat, The Giggling Squid. I've mentioned this restaurant a million times in my blog posts before, but it seriously is amazing. We caught up on life & plans for Gem's wedding, which is now just over a month away! Crazy.
Look what arrived last week! I actually can't wait to read this after hearing so many lovely reviews. Louise, you are amazing.
Myself & James organised an American themed BBQ last weekend, where people were dressed up wearing red, white & blue & some even came as superheroes. We had seriously bad weather, but being English, took it in our stride & created a cover for the BBQ to sit under & in true mad style, played football & badminton in the rain. It was such a lovely day. Just look at all the food!
On Saturday, we had a girl's night which included face masks, rom coms, hundreds of sweets & of course a good old gossip while the men went out drinking! Seriously love these ladies.
& finally yesterday myself, Kym, Lauren & Emily took a trip down to Littlehampton to visit our girl Lorna. We had a lovely day walking around the amusements on the sea front, eating chips & doughnuts & taking way too many photos. (As always..) The weather was so beautiful & we even got to work on our tans as we braved the wind!
How has your weekend been lovelies? : )


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