Thursday, 23 July 2015

Zoella - Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub

Hello lovelies!
You will probably have heard by now that Zoe aka Zoella, has released a new beauty range for this Summer, called Tutti Fruity. The range includes a lip balm, shower gel, body lotion, bath bomb, body mist, cosmetic purse & a body scrub. I went on a recent shopping trip with my friend Gemma & purchased one of my favourite pamper products, the body scrub!
First of all, the packaging. I'm absolutely in love with the yellows, pinks & polka dots used throughout this collection. All the products look so adorable sitting on the shelves in store.

Secondly, the scent. Oh my goodness. It's one of my favourite scents (second only to the Soap & Glory scrub) I have ever used on my skin. There was no tester pot in Superdrug, so when I got home & opened the tub, I was pleasantly surprised.

You only need the smallest amount of product to use on your skin. I can see this lasting for months!

I usually use a scrub before getting in the bath on dry skin. With this one, I felt the constancy was very thick & grainy & almost hurt to apply. Obviously with a scrub you expect it to be to give you a good exfoliation, but I do prefer the scrubs that are in a more liquidised. However, after getting in the bath & apply the scrub onto my damp skin, it was a lot less painful & worked into my skin perfectly.
I especially loved using it on my feet & legs, where my skin tends to get a lot drier & it made them feel so refreshed after my bath.

Overall, I liked this product. It surprised me how nice & soft it left my whole body feeling afterwards & I would definitely repurchase it. It retails at £7 from Superdrug.
Have you tried any of the new Zoella range? Would love to know your thoughts : )


  1. Ooh I got this the other day but have yet to use it. Looking forward to trying it out having heard your positive review :) x

    Christina -

    1. Awwh let me know what you think babe :) x

  2. The Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly body scrub sounds amazing! I love the pink and yellow packaging, it's so pretty! I also like how it leaves your skin nice and soft afterwards :) Fantastic review lovely xxxx

  3. I keep hearing so many good things about this, but everytime I go into Superdrug the whole range is sold out x


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