Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Hello lovelies,

At the beginning of August, I went to Drusillas for my best friend's birthday. Drusillas is a small zoo, located in East Sussex. It has a wide range of smaller zoo animals, attractions & activities.

Although the park is aimed at young children, we had the most amazing day, reliving our childhood & exploring what the park had to offer.

We started with the smaller animals; as you enter the park you are greeted with monkeys & farm animals.

What I loved about this part of the park was the interaction you have with the farm animals. I spent most of my life growing up around animals, but it was amazing to watch little kids stroking the goats, ponies & pigs & getting so excited they were able to do this!

Kym even had a go at milking a cow & even Mat got dragged into interacting with the meerkats!

Once you've exited the farm animals, you come to one of my favourite animals (who was extremely active when we went) the Serval. This cheeky cat managed to get itself stuck on the top ledge of it's enclosure when a nearby monkey thought it would be fun to play in the trees next to it. It eventually managed to get down, but was whinning for the longest time for attention!

As well as monkeys & smaller animals at the zoo, you also get to see some of the bigger zoo animals, including Camels & even a Binturong. I bet some of you are thinking, what the hell is a Binturong, haha! I had no idea either but he is the cutest little bear-like animal you'll ever come across. Just look at those whiskers!

He was extremely sleepy when we visited, but he just looked so cuddly!

As well as having animals, a new addition to Drusillas is Hello Kitty World. I've always loved Hello Kitty from a young age so this was heaven for me!

They had the cutest garden, full of rides for children & even tea cups. It was like we stepped into a different world.

After visiting the HK world, we had a picnic, with lots of un-healthy treats & a chocolate birthday cake for Lorna, before heading back to the zoo to explore.

There are plenty of picnic spots dotted around the park, including restaurants to buy hot meals, but we all agreed to bring food with us.

What I loved most about the zoo is how much there was to do! We managed to spend the whole day there exploring & visiting all the animal enclosures.

Some exhibits you were even allowed to walk through. The lemur pen was one of them & despite them being cheeky little things most of the time, I managed to get this one to hold still for a split second to take his photo!

We also got to see some animals being fed, including these cute little penguins! They do talks & feeding displays through-out the day, so if you're interesting in catching them, it's easy enough to pick up a map & timetable to locate what's happening, when & where.

& finally my favourite picture of the day, this stunning Grey Owl. Just look at those eyes!

Have you ever been to Drusillas? What did you think of the park? : )


  1. Beautiful photos :) Drusillas sounds and looks amazing! The animals are so gorgeous and oh my, Hello Kitty World!! Wow!!! I would love to visit one day :D I hope that you had a great day out lovely :)

    El xxxx


  2. What a lovely day out! I still absolutely love zoos and animal parks - I think I probably always will! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. I know! They are so much fun :) xx


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