Sunday, 4 September 2016

OOTD - Summer Rose

Dusky Pink Pinafore Dress - Primark (LINK) or (SIMILAR HERE)
White Tee - Primark (LINK)
Rucksack - Primark
Heeled Sandals - New Look (LINK)
Sunnies - Primark
Rings - Pandora
Nail Varnish - Barry M

Ah, look at the sun. I can almost feel it on my skin again looking back at these pictures! It was around 31 degrees when I took these & I literally ran into the house sweating & had to change immediately!

I want to first of all confess my love to suede. Yes, the pinafore & sandals are both suede. There's something so beautiful about it I can't resist it.. please tell me its not just me?

Let's start with these sandals. I've been looking for the perfect pair for over a year now & these recently came into my life when I was searching online for some new winter boots. Sadly, I didn't find any, but I did find these! Funny how things work out eh? They are the perfect height for me as an everyday work shoe, so hopefully I'll be getting use out of them for the rest of this Summer & next year.

On a recent trip to Bath with James, we popped into Primark & this pinafore dress immediately caught my eye! Just look at that dusky pink colour, it's so beautiful. I'm tempted to go back & get the dark green one, as that would be perfect for Autumn with some black boots.

Oh & this rucksack was my life saver in Corfu. It's the perfect size & carries so much in it. I wouldn't have survived the holiday without it.

OH & I filmed this outfit too! My first ever OOTD on YouTube, so please go check it out. Any comments / suggestions are very welcome! I love making videos but I know I'm not the best at it.


  1. Pretty pictures and cute outfit.

  2. What a lovely photo spot + love, love your pinafore dress. It's to die for!! And yay, what fun, love that you filmed your outfit too... have been meaning to do that for the longest time! Happy weekend, girly! xo

    1. Thankyou so much babe :D Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. What a gorgeous outfit! You look beautiful my dear :) I'm so in love with your pinafore, it looks stunning on you and your OOTD video is so good! I really enjoyed watching it! Such a pretty location too!

    I hope that you're having a nice week so far lovely :)

    El xxxx

    1. Thankyou El! I think you'd really enjoy filming & editing your outfits, you always look stunning :) xxxx


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