Thursday, 29 December 2016

December & November Favourites

Printing Photos
Earlier in the year I purchased a voucher on Groupon to get 200 photos printed & sent to me. I've wanted to fill up this photo album for the longest time. I don't know about you, but I am guilty of taking hundreds of photos but never getting them printed. I'm going to try & keep up to date with them all now & do a batch every couple of months. I love looking through albums & bringing back happy memories.

Dachshund Purse
Can you get a more perfect purse? I'm so in love with it. Plus, it has a decent amount of sections for loyalty cards & random receipts which I always seem to have tons of in my bag!

Maybelline Mascara
I think this mascara has featured in my favourites before, but I had to mention it again as I went off it for a while & have just rediscovered it again. I have no idea why I stopped using it. It's seriously the best drug store mascara I've found.

Primark Matte Lipstick
I bought this lipstick back in Spring & put it at the back of my draw to save for the Autumn / Winter months as it's a very dark red shade. I forgot about it till the other week when I re-discovered it in my lipstick draw & got so excited! It's so perfect when you can't be bothered to do a full face of a makeup. A touch of mascara & this on your lips & your good to go! I reviewed this lipstick back in March if you'd like a read.

Ted Baker Nail Polish
Ah doesn't this colour just scream Christmas? I've been obsessed with it this past month (as you'll see in my next nail art post) James kindly got it for me for our anniversary at the beginning of December & it looks so perfect with a glitter top coat.

Ted Baker Body Spray
Ah another amazing present from James! This body spray has to be one of my new favourites. It's very sweet & reminds me of Spring, but I love it for that. Even though I love more sultry perfumes, I always go back to the sweet, spring scents.

Worthers Originals
Right, I blame Elisa for this one.. She brought some Worthers into work last month & offered me one & oh my god. I hadn't had one for years & now I'm obsessed again. What's so amazing about these though is they have gooey middles. I mean, c'mon. They are seriously the best.

Ok, so Netflix is my life now. Haha, I'm kidding, but seriously.. how did I ever survive without it!? James & I have a few series we've been hooked on; Stranger Things was the first. It was really scary but addictive & then The Big Bang Theory which James had never seen but I'd dipped in & out of over the years. I'd love to hear what you've discovered on Netflix & what we should watch next?



At the beginning of November, Gemma & Ollie revealed they were expecting a little girl! I can't actually wait to meet her. We've got lots of excitement ahead with the baby shower in January too & then Gemma is due in March!

Grandad celebrated his 89th birthday last month. I can't believe he is that age, he still seems so young to me!

James & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on 1st December. It feels like forever, but also no time at all!

This year's panto at work is Aladdin & I can't begin to tell you what a lovely cast we have had. Every year, it feels like a new family join us, but especially this year, as sometimes as staff members you don't feel apart of it, but they've all been so lovely, it'll be sad to say goodbye to them all.

& of course a highlight of these past two months has to be Christmas. What I love most about Christmas is to James & I, it's not just one day. We move from family member to family member, but we celebrate with each & everyone of them & it's like starting Christmas day over & over again. It's the best time of year!

How has your December been lovelies?

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