Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Outfit + Accessories For Under £40!

So, you've completed your Christmas shopping, bought enough lights to guide a plane onto a runway, put the tree up & arranged plans with your family for Christmas Day. You've written all your cards & bought enough sherry to last you till next Christmas, but is there something your forgetting..?

Oh yes, that dreaded Christmas work meal that everyone is going too. You need a new outfit, something that will stand out & make your colleagues do a double take when they see you in something other than your work uniform..

One problem, you're completely broke. You spent your last £1 buying two rolls of wrapping paper in Poundland to finish wrapping the annoyingly huge present you got for your dad. But wait.. you can get a new playsuit for a tenner, a pair of shoes & bag for £20 & a few accessories for under £40?! Surely not..


So, let's start with this playsuit. £10. Yup, that's right, £10. What makes it even better is it's velvet. My absolute favourite thing to wear at this time of year, it just screams Christmas. I am in love with the halter neck style & it isn't too low cut for a meal with work colleagues (& potentially your boss!) you don't want to go to boobie! 

Now if we move on to these boots. Depending on what your doing after the meal, heels might be more appropriate but I love how a pair of boots look with playsuits. Especially ones that are as glittery as these. Plus you can never go wrong with boots for comfort compared to heels. I also wanted to include these tights. Primark tights are simply amazing. They are so cheap & as I always ladder mine, you never want to invest anymore than a few quid on a pair.

As well as being obsessed with velvet at this time of year, I had to include this fluffy clutch bag which has also worked it's way into my favourites. Just look how pretty it is! Alongside this bracelet, it will add a bit of sparkle to the outfit.

Oh & finally this gorgeous nail polish is only £1.50 & will make a beautiful top coat on top of a dark berry polish, or just on it's own to match the boots. I just had to include it!

What do you think about this outfit?
What are you wearing to your Christmas meal this year?


  1. Lovely selection, I love the boots!

  2. This is such a gorgeous Christmas outfit! I love the playsuit, it's stunning and I'm loving the boots too :D

    El xxx

  3. That playsuit is a bargain and looks so pretty! Great post as usual babe <3

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |


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