Saturday, 4 March 2017

January & February Favourites

Soap & Glory Face Wash
I got this face wash in a Soap & Glory gift set for Christmas (how amazing was that deal in Boots for a whole suitcase of products btw!?) & I've been using it since the beginning of the year. My skin absolutely loves it & it makes my face feel so clean after I've used it. I think because it smells so minty, it just makes you feel so awake & fresh.

Hygge Book
I picked this book up at the beginning of the year & I'm obsessed. I've got a full post coming on it so I won't write too much about it now, but if you haven't heard of Hygge, I'd highly recommend you pick up one of the many books out there about this style of living. What I've found most exciting is I can literally pick up this book when ever I feel like I need a warm hug & it's right there to offer comfort & relaxation.

Video Editing Software - Power Director 
So, after struggling with a basic video editing software for the longest time, I put the Power Director on my wish list for Christmas & I kindly received it from my grandparents. I'm absolutely loving using it & editing videos from last year! Vlogging is so much fun & this allows me to play around with all my clips & make videos.

Soap & Glory Speed Plump Moisturiser
 This smells incredible. Seriously. If you haven't tried this, you need too. I use this as a primer before applying my makeup in the morning as my skin is very dry on my T-zone, so this just preps my skin before I apply my foundation. I just can't get enough of it!

Garnet Ring
I got this ring for my birthday in January & haven't really had a day where I haven't worn it. It's just so pretty! It was from my parents & they ordered it off Etsy. The rings are all handmade & after looking at a few more of the seller's pieces, I really want to order some more!

Garnet Necklace
This was a gift from my best friend for my birthday & how perfect was it that it matched my ring! The two of them together make the perfect combo!

Barry M Quick Dry Nail Polish
I love painting my nails as I'm sure you all know, however, I do get extremely impatient waiting for them to dry when I've got things to do! These Barry M nail polishes are life savers, they dry within a couple of minutes & the shades in the range are just so beautiful. This lilac shade is my absolute favourite & perfect for spring time.  


Ibiza Weekender
This show is my absolute guilty pleasure. I love all the characters & now they're back with a bang for 2017, I'm loving everything about the show, especially David being head rep. He's just so fabulous.

This has totally taken over our lives, both James & I are obsessed. But equally, it makes us so angry watching it! If you've seen it you'll know what I mean, but we're about half way through & can't wait to finish it.

The OA
Ahhh, who's watched this?! We finished it a few weeks ago & I've actually written a full review post on it here if you'd like a read. In a nutshell, it was one of the most confusing shows we've watched, but it was so gripping at the same time. Season 2 has been announced so we're keen to watch that when it's out.


In the middle of January, James & I moved our furniture into storage, with the help of his dad Allan. It took us all day, in the snow, but we eventually got everything packed safely away. It's so exciting, because as soon as James starts his new job (on Monday!) we can get a few months pay checks under our belts & start looking for a place to move into!

It wouldn't be a January / February favourites without mentioning my birthday & as always, I had 3-4 days worth of celebrations & I loved every minute of it. I have to say though, my favourite part was staying in 'a cabin in the woods' with James on my actual birthday evening. I reviewed the place we stayed & it was absolutely beautiful & perfect for us. You can check out the post here if you like.

At the end of January, we organised Gem's baby shower. Can you believe she's due to give birth this month!? Where does the time go..

Ah Valentine's Day this year was just perfect. James & I went to Brighton for the day & I finally gave him the tickets I bought for Craig David back in December, so he now knows we are going next month! I'm so excited!

Nan & Dad's both had their birthdays at the end of February, so we had a buffet lunch to celebrate. I've written a bit about it in my last update post if you wanted to see Nan's cake!

& finally, this is kind of a sad event but also a happy one. My manager at work had his retirement do last Sunday & although it was the most wonderful day & he was so grateful to us all, we are going to miss him so much. Work already feels so different without him.


What have you been loving this year so far? : )


  1. This is such a lovely post my dear! I'm loving all of your favourites :) The necklace is absolutely stunning and I'd love to try the Soap & Glory Face Wash! It sounds fab!

    Wow that's so exciting lovely! I'm sure that you and James will find a gorgeous place to move into when you are both ready :)

    I hope that you have a great weekend hunni,

    El xxxx


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