Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why It Is So Important To Go To Regular Bra Fittings

Hello lovelies,

Today's blog is a little different. I wanted to talk about my recent experience of going to my first bra fitting & why it is so important.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Cat, you're 26 & you've never been to a have your bra fitted?" The answer is no, no I haven't. You might ask me why. Well, there are a number of reasons.

Firstly, it's embarrassing.
I'm not one of those people who feels extremely comfortable with a complete stranger seeing me in my underwear & as I have zero body confidence. The idea of someone watching me take off my clothes & measure me while I stand there changing into different bras filled me with dread.

Secondly, the judgement.
This one sounds silly even to me as I know that hundreds of women go to fittings & are told they are wearing the wrong size. But I was so paranoid that I was wearing something completely wrong & they would look at me like I'm an idiot.

& thirdly, I didn't know what to expect.
As I had never been to a fitting before, like most things, I had no idea what to expect. This scared me, like most things in life that I've never done before!

So anyway, despite all this, I decided after talking to my best friend, to go to my first fitting. I've noticed over the last year, I've had a few back problems (not sure what is causing them) but I also have really bad posture. I notice when I'm standing I'll hunch over a bit & I'm also guilty of not sitting straight in a chair. I know sometimes this can relate to wearing the wrong sized bra (I know it could be many other things) but thought I might as well go & see if getting fitted with the correct bra would help.

So, onto my actual experience.

I decided to book an appointment at my local M&S as my friend had been there before. It's a free consultation & the allocated slot is 20 minutes. I arrived about 5 minutes before my appointment & waited a few minutes for a lady to come round who took me into a fitting room. It was slightly different to a normal fitting room as it had 2 sections with a curtain hanging across the middle. As I was quite nervous, I did manage to tell her it was my first fitting so she proceeded to tell me what she was going to do. That helped a lot, so I had a clear plan in my head. She asked me to remove my jumper & top but keep my bra on, which actually wasn't too awkward & she used a tape measure to measure under my boobs. After she'd taken the measurement, she went to find some bras in my size in a few different styles for me to try.

While I was waiting I noticed that the fitting room like most fitting rooms had tons of mirrors in it, showing every different angle on my body & there I was standing in my bra & jeans. Until I caught sight of myself, I was feeling ok, but I quickly sat down & started looking through my phone as a distraction until the lady returned. She wasn't long & came back with about seven different bras for me to try.

Ok, so onto the most awkward bit. She handed me the first bra to try & just looked back at me so I took it this was my queue to change into it. I turned around & thought she was going to pull the curtain but she didn't. I know this is totally my fault as I should have asked her too, or done it myself, but I just carried on & got changed in front of her, but it was the most awkward thing ever. This is going to sound weird as well, but I put my bra on a completely different way to how people usually do it, so that was extremely embarrassing as I'm sure I could feel her watching me. I had to do this for all seven bras & each time she would ask how they fitted & had a look at how my boobs were in the bra. I didn't mind that as she was pointing out different parts that I'd never noticed before, but I was equally quite flustered as all I could think about was this woman judging me.

So after trying on what felt like hundreds on the damn things, we selected two sets of two that fitted me best & she left the fitting room, leaving me to change back into my clothes.

So there I was. Standing in the fitting room, feeling extremely hot & bothered with a few bras clutched in my hand. I did really like the ones she'd picked out & we went for a balcony style which I don't tend to even glance at in shops, but actually, I loved how my boobs looked in the them. I decided to purchase a set of two in a light pink & black lace & felt extremely excited when I left the store.

So, overall I'm extremely proud of myself for going. I can't say I enjoyed it but I'm going to make myself go regularly (they recommend every six months) but it's on my list to do at least once a year. I would encourage you to go if you've never been, just to give you a rough idea of the size you should be wearing & to learn about all the different bras that are available now, because there are just so many! How is a girl to choose?!

When I came home from the fitting & tried on my new bras in the comfort of my own home, I felt like a new woman. So even if you don't enjoy the experience of going, remember the end result is worth it. I literally felt up-lifted.. ;D

Oh & the most exciting part of the fitting that I forgot to mention, I was actually wearing the right size all along! Just not the right style of bra for my boobs, so overall, a success in itself.

I would love to hear your experiences with bra fittings & how often you go to get measured. Have you had an experience similar to mine?


  1. Well done for going babe! I was nervous before my first one but I took Chummy with me for moral support. Would definitely recommend closing the curtain when you get changed next time as that'll make you feel more comfortable.
    I went for a fitting in the Guildford store as my back was hurting too and it felt like none of my bras fit. Turns out I'd been wearing the wrong size for years and not doing my self any favours! It took two women and about an hour to figure out what size and style I should be wearing and I had to order some online, try them, take them back. Customer services in Marks must have been sick of the sight of me but I finally found some in a size and style that fits and I feel so much better now! X

    1. Awwh I'm so pleased you found the right one in the end babe! Bras can be tricky things can't they.

      Yes I'm definitely going to suggest the curtain next time. I just found it so awkward as she didn't even offer or anything so I thought it was what normally happened! I will know for next time :D xx


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