Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dipped Nails, Take 2

  Hello lovelies! Last night, I went out with a group of friends, some from work, some from my old school, some I've known since I was 10 & sort of merged them all together. They all got on really well, so it was an awesome night out. Also, one of my friends went on holiday with her boyfriend last week & he proposed! I was sooo excited. I spent the night asking to see her engagement ring every 10 minutes or so! It's gorgeous.

  Anyway, here is how I did my nails:

  You'd be right in thinking they look similar to how I've done my nails before, you can find that post here. I started off by using my pastel pink shade by Barry M for the first layer, (one of my first posts was about my pastel nail colours, go here to see!) & then I used my silver nail varnish, by Rimmel London to add some sparkle to the tips.

  I love adding a bit of glitter to my nails, it instantly brightens them up, especially if you have a very subtle, nude colour as a base layer. My friend gave me the biggest compliment & said she thought I'd had them done professionally! I was flattered. : )

  How is every one's weekend going? I'm off for a meal at my grandparents' tonight, then working tomorrow, what are your plans?


  1. Your nails look great, I love to add some glitter to my nails too.

  2. They look so great! I wish I was able to paint my nails like this! x

  3. i love the way you did your nails, they are gorgeous!

  4. wow-- they look great!! good job :)

    xo, allie

  5. Your nails look awesome- I wish I could be as precise with my nails.
    P.S. new follower xxx


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