Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Great British Hairdresser

  It's soooo cold today! I had to wear 2 tops, 3 jumpers, jeans & 2 pairs of socks when I took Honey & Harvey out. They weren't very happy about me dragging them outside either, but it had to be done. : D 

  Last night I started watching The Great British Hairdresser. Now, this wasn't exactly out of choice. Firstly, I used to watch Tool Academy at that time on E4 & the final was last week, so no more of that, (sad face) I wanted to watch Skins catchup at 11, so I needed something to watch for an hour & quite frankly, James Brown scares me. However, I was actually quite intrigued to see all the different hair styles, I mean, I thought getting a fringe was a big deal, but compared to how some of the hairdressers that hacked away at some people's hair, I was just glad I hadn't asked for a whole re-style! There was one girl who had gorgeous long hair down to her waist, she hadn't had it cut for 5 years & the hairdresser cutting it, shaved one side of her head! I took a couple of seconds to mourn the loss of her hair, it was beautiful. : (

  Also, Jo Elvin is a guest judge, which I'm very excited about. She is the editor of Glamour. If you click on the link I just posted, it'll take you to her blog & the Glamour webpage. They have compitions all through March for free givaways, so check that out too!

  Anyway, thought I'd post some hairstyles - don't you wish you had hair like this?!

Maybe not the colours of this one, but I love the curls!

All from weheartit. : D


  1. Those hairstyles look amazing! Great blog btw! Check out mine too :)
    Big X from the Netherlands.


  2. This is just too cool! I suck with my hair, I am literally not able to style it at all!

  3. lovely pics! I love the red hair!!


  4. That red hair is just sassy (in a great way!).

    You know it is cold when you have to dress in like 3 outfits just to go outside (living in Wisconsin I can relate!)

  5. I would gladly wear any one of those heads of hair! i really like your blog and the title of it. would you like to follow each other?

  6. I adore the second to last hair style :) I can never get my hair to look that way, so Im so jealous of anyone who can!

  7. LOVE your blog - I'm following!

    would love you to enter my giveaway:



  8. Love these photos, especially of the girl with the sunglasses and flower and her hair!
    xo Cara

  9. Those are gorgeous hairstyles! I love them all!

    Your blog is so cute! :)


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