Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jewellery Haul x 2

Hello lovelies.

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I just haven't really been inspired too recently. I've been working alot & sorting out other general life things, blogging has totally taken a back seat, which I hate.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a couple of things I picked up in the Dorothy Perkins & Topshop sales. I seemed to pick up all silver in Dorothy P's & all gold in Topshop.. weird. : ) Oh & I definitely recommend going & having a look at both sales, they've got some gorgeous items in at the moment.

Dorothy Perkins

1. Double chain ring - £1 - I've been looking for a ring like this for ages. I'm really into rings at the moment, adding the chain just makes it different to any of the ones I already own so I had to snatch it up.

2. Collar necklace - £1 - This was originally £10 can you believe!? I wasn't going to spend that much on it as it's quite a unique piece, I've got to try to figure out what to wear it with. : /

3. Ball & cross bracelet - £1 - Another obsession of mine that is growing & growing.. (you'll notice this in the Topshop items I picked up too) is crosses. I've got a pair of earrings, a necklace & ring so I thought I better add to the collection & get a bracelet. Besides, who could resist this at just £1!?

4. Double cross ring - £2 - I think this ring is actually down to £1 now as well, but I still thought it was amazing for £2. Again.. crosses. I know.. I'm going to be swamped in them soon..


1. Set of 4 gold rings - £3.75 - These were half price in the sale, two of them are plain gold, the other two are slightly patterned with vertical stripes. I've been wearing two on my index finger & two on my middle finger, they are so gorgeous.

 2. Silver & gold cross necklace - £2.50 - Ladies & gentleman, my new favourite necklace. Nothing else to say really. : )

3. Cross ear cuff - £1.50 - Yes I know, another cross. But look how cute it is! Looks amazing paired with this necklace.

So that's it lovelies. Have you been to either of these sales & picked up anything nice? If you have anymore cross jewellery items you recommend, send them to meee. #TotallyObsessed


  1. I love crosses on jewellery too! Everything you got is really nice x

  2. Ooh I love everything you got, that collar necklace is so cute and what a bargain! Dorothy Perkins always has amazing sales... I'm obsessed with cross jewellery too haha!

    Frances xx

    1. Cross jewellery is amazing. :)

      & Dorothy Perkins is awesome for sales xx

  3. Love that double cross ring, been after one for ages so I'll definitely be checking out DP now :) x

    1. It is gorgeous babe. :) I saw it in there yesterday so it should still be there xx

  4. Wow bargains! The necklaces are gorgeous! I don't usually go into Dorothy Perkins, but I may have to stop by some time :) xx

  5. That collar is so nice and for a pound!

    joanne from

  6. gorgeous buys :) i love the topshop rings, i've actually been searching for a ring exactly like that! beautiful




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