Saturday, 4 May 2013

Recent Nail Art #4

NYC - Mint Macaroon & L'Oreal - Confetti

Confetti is one of my favourite topcoats at the moment. It's so beautiful & goes on top of any base colour & makes it look stunning. I get so many compliments & questions about it, it really is such a unique polish to have. 

Barry M - Peach Melba & Models Own Nail Art Pen - White

Ah, yet again more polka dots & seeing as it's Spring, pastel polka dots! This shade by Barry M was massive last year & I think it'll stay a statement polish for this year too. Adding the polka dots just makes it more feminine & cute.

Accessorize (no name!) & Models Own - Ibiza Mix

This was such a random combination, I wasn't sure whether to include it in this post as I only kept it on for a couple of days! Ibiza Mix is such a pain to get off, despite being so pretty! What colour do you use as a base coat to style multi-coloured glitters?

Jessica - Sky High
And finally my current nails. Last Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a voucher for a classic manicure at a local beauty salon. I'd been saving it up for Spring so I went in last Thursday & got my hands & fingers totally pampered for 45 minutes. I can't rave about this shade enough, it's beautiful. I obviously have blues in my nail polish collection, but none like this. It's an absolutely gorgeous pastel blue & so far I've only had a slight chip on one index finger. I've been trying to preserve it as much as I can so the boy can see it now he's back from Africa!
Which is your favourite design?
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  1. polka dot look is so cute xx

  2. I love all of these!! Especially the polka dots! Cute.
    FashionProject x

  3. ooh the polka dot ones are so cute! xx

  4. I LOVE the peach & polka dot, so sweet & perfect for spring <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Yeahhhh, adore them for Spring :) x

  5. Love the polkadots the mostest! :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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