Sunday, 26 May 2013

Recent Nail Art #5

Copper - 17 & Sparkle Touch - Miss Sporty

These are actually quite Christmassy nails. I didn't mean for them to be but I just added the glitter as a top coat as the gold looked so plain by itself. Mmm, weird as we're just getting some sunshine in the UK now!

Turquoise - Barry M

I absolutely adore this shade, it's one of my favourites from Barry M. But.. I couldn't resist adding to it..

Turquoise - Barry M & Nail art pens in White & Pink - Models Own

I was totally inspired by bloggers recently to try this flower print design. I love how simple & cute they are & surprisingly easy to do! Plus, it makes the Turquoise even prettier.

Ultra Gold - OMG London Cosmetics & Confetti - L'Oreal

These I named the bumblebee nails. I'm addicted to Confetti by L'Oreal & I use it as a top coat at least once a month. I find yellow nail varnish to be the one colour I don't particularly like on my nails but adding this top coat really made them unique (& less yellow!)
Which is your favourite design?

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  1. I love all of them, especially the gold ones and the flower ones :)

    Love from Canada,

  2. The floral ones are so pretty ah! Thank you for my comment lovely! x

    1. <3 You're welcome babe!

      & thankyouuuu xx

  3. cool, nice!!


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