Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Life At The Moment #42

Pretty kitty / Successful shopping trip / OOTD / Honey guarding the mail / DIY match storage jar inspired by Kirsty / Before quiz / Goats are adorable / PIG / NOTW / OOTD / Yum yum yum / Cathy's awesome pudding / Kitty #2 / OOTN from Oh My Love / Bf / Naughty / Beach days / NOTW

So, the most exciting news which isn't in picture form is I have tickets to JLS in December! They just released some new dates & oh my goodness. I have tickets! Their last tour, which is very sad but yay! I can't wait.
How are you all?
I'm back to work this week after my summery days off last week, which is sad, but after spending just under £100 on JLS tickets.. I think I'll need the money! Haha!
Hope you're all having a fab week : )


  1. ooh exciting! I'm loving all the animals in this post! x

  2. that is a very cute goat haha


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