Friday, 7 June 2013

Recent Nail Art #6

Models Own - Utopia & Nail art pen in white

I'll never get sick of this polish, nor will I ever get sick of polka dots. Combine both together & you have my favourite nails. Ta-daaaa.

Nails Inc- Savile Row & Barry M - Pink Sapphire Glitter

Not a very Summery choice but I love this shade of red by Nails Inc. Add a bit of glitter & your all set.

Maybelline Polka Dots - Shooting Stars

You've probably all seen or at least heard of the new range of polishes by Maybelline. I managed to pick up this blue shade (Shooting Stars) & the pink shade (Speckled Pink) Very cute, cheap polishes but they've all had such good reviews I couldn't resist. I applied this one as soon as I got home (3 coats shown above) straight onto my nails. They obviously could be used as a top coat but I decided to layer it up as just this one polish. Honestly? I was disappointed. They chipped after about 6 hours & all I was did was drive to work & work on the front desk (occasional typing) Nothing out of the ordinary. Obviously, because I applied them without a base coat they were more likely to chip but I'm still disappointed I couldn't even go more than a day with them lasting.
Have you tried the new Maybelline polishes?
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  1. That blue is stunning. You didn't even need to paint your nails blue before using it because it was opaque enough? That's amazing. Shame they chipped though :( xxo

    1. Yeah three coats was fine without a base just annoying about the chipping. :( xx

  2. i especially love the nailart in the first picture, the pastel colours make it so pretty!

    check out my blog?

    1. Awwh thanks babe, I'll pop over now. :) x

  3. i love the polka dots! i like the subtleness of the "micro" dots, and the base color, too!
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  4. The first color is so pretty I'm in love ♥♥♥
    Your blog is very cute<3 Let's follow each other? ♥

  5. Love your nailart girl! Especially the first one is so cute! :D

  6. I love those first nails, they look so dainty and cute!

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  7. absolutely love the first one - it's really subtle but so pretty and dainty!

    bec X

  8. Great collection of beautiful nails! I love the glitter polishes :)

    I am not a person to spend ages on doing my nails, but I recently bought some nail caviar and applied it to my nails using a strong nail glue so they wouldn't fall off and they were terrible!
    They got stuck to everything... and ripped my tights,,, all sorts lol ;)))

    X Karen @ Quarter-Life Creative

    1. Oh no! :'D They sound fun..

      :D xx

  9. I love the polka-dot polish combo! Your nails are so pretty!! :)
    Hope you're having a Fierce & Fabulous Sunday!

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  10. I love the first nails especially! That's a shame about the Maybelline nails because they look so pretty! xxx

  11. i really like all of these polishes, especially the polka dots. the colour is beautiful and it's so simple but stuning

  12. Love the first one
    Your blog is very inspiring
    I'm following you now
    Hope you can follow back!

    Lots of love,

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