Saturday, 5 April 2014

Life At The Moment #54

Evening lovelies!
Did you all have a good Mother's Day? I have to admit, I was working & didn't get to spend as much time with my mum as I wanted too, but we had breakfast together & a good chat over some boiled eggs & toast. I was shocked, but I even got a small gift from Honey! Is it just my family or do you guys get presents from your pets? : )
Now, before you all get excited, this is not my puppy, although I wish it was. This little cutie came to visit myself & Nicola at work yesterday. Isn't he beautiful? He's a 11 week old golden retriever named Manny. We nearly stole him.. just look at that face!
Something else exciting happened this week! Our first three spring chicks hatched! Look at their cuteness! We haven't named them, simply because we will have about 100 hatch this year, so we wouldn't be able to keep up! But if you have any suggestions on names I'd love to hear them!
Finally, my Race For Life welcome pack & tee came! I can't believe I've never taken part before, but this year I'm determined to raise some money for Cancer Research seeing as I was so into Sports Relief! Been a very charitable year so far! Are any of you taking part?
Hope you're all well lovelies. : )


  1. the puppy is so cute! i did the race for life a few years ago, its so rewarding, definitely want to do it again some time! x
    The Frill Seeker

    1. Awwh I actually can't wait to do it :) xx

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Hope you had a good time!

    Would love if you could check out my blog!


  3. Aww the little chicks, so so cute :) x

    1. I know, don't they just melt your heart :) xx


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